Who leads the tour?
 Our native Lebanese founder Bethany Kehdy runs the Food Treks alongside Iffat Saadeh and Eli Kehdy who guide the Beirut Bites and Rural Escapes.


What language do you conduct the tours in?
Our guides are based in Beirut and fluent in Arabic, French and English. Read more about Taste Lebanon tour guides on the about Us page.


Where does each tour start and end?
 Each of our tours are custom designed and will begin and end at different locations depending on the type of tour and season. A general idea of the places or producers we visit can be found on the individual tour descriptions on our site. We will provide the exact itinerary for your rural escape or food trek once you have booked and shortly before the tour. We do not disclose our Beirut Bites itinerary. For the food treks and rural escapes,​ the tour​ usually​ begins with a​ pick up from​ the​ hotel. For the Beirut Bites​, the tour starting point​ is a very easy to find location in Beirut. Every booking will receive details on meeting location, pick-ups if applicable and any other relevant information.


Is pick-up and drop-off for the tour included in the price?
Airport pick-up and drop-off is included as part of the Food Trek package. We can make additional arrangements to suit you for example, if you’re taking part in the Rural Escapes.


Are flights included in the price?
Flights are not included in the tour price and need to be organised by you. We recommend arriving one day earlier than the tour start date and departing one day after the tour end date to ensure you are rested and ready to begin the tour. Flying from the UK, British Airlines or Pegasus offer the most options and value.


Do I need a visa?
Please check with your embassy if you require a visa to enter Lebanon. You can see a list of countries and requirements here: http://www.worldtravelguide.net/lebanon/passport-visa

Often, visitors are given an on arrival visa at the airport either for free or asked to pay an entry permit fee. If you are taking part in the Food Trek, we will reimburse you for if charged and with a valid receipt.


What if I have visited Israel before?
Entry into Lebanon is not granted to passports showing Israeli visas or stamps. If you have been to Israel in the past and have a new passport that does not contain a Israeli visa or stamp, then you should be able to enter Lebanon. Please advise us upon registering if you have ever been to Israel.


Is it safe to visit Lebanon? What about the FCO warning?
Yes, it is safe to travel to Lebanon. Sadly, Lebanon is unable to shake off the image of violence that has resulted from a long and brutal civil war that ended 3 decades ago. A lot of what the Hollywood media showcases are false narratives because let’s face it, that’s what sells. Lebanon is as safe as many other European countries. In fact, you will find that you feel safer here roaming the streets day or night than you would in most western cities. Also petty crime is rare and people are very welcoming and hospitable and will go out of their way to help you. We would never ever overlook or take our guests safety lightly. If we have any doubts on safety, we would be the first to tell you. We also work very closely with government organisations including the Ministry of Tourism and we keep abreast of all FCO updates, though please bear in mind that these are sometimes politically-motivated rather than safety-motivated.


Can I view the tour itinerary in advance of the tour?
Our tour itineraries constantly change, partly because of the change of season, but also because we keep discovering new and interesting producers, techniques and places to showcase and Bethany also spends a good deal of time tweaking each tour before hand based on previous reactions and also current customer expectations. We can’t share a tour itinerary in advance because we don’t offer a cookie cutter tour experience, but rather we offer immersion experiences that are flexible, exciting and full of a variety of food to satiate all types of appetites.


What is the price of a tour?
You can find all applicable information in the terms and conditions under each tour menu.


What is included in the price of the tour?
You can find all applicable information in the terms and conditions under each tour menu.


How often are the tours?
 You may check for tour schedule and availability under each tour menu. Beirut Bites and Rural Escapes are offered daily and upon request. We avoid Sundays and Mondays as different Beirut producers are closed on either of these days. ​We offer ​the Food Trek ​tours throughout Spring to ​Autumn with customised trips in between.​ We can always ​tailor a visit based on your preferred dates so get in touch with us to see what works!


Do I have to pay in advance to book a tour?
 Please review the terms and conditions under each tour menu.


What type of hotel/accommodation is provided on the tours?
Taste Lebanon ensures each guests comfort with boutique and hospitable lodging working closely with L’hote Libanais and 3-5 star hotels in Lebanon on particular packages including Phoenicia Hotel, Le Gray and the Four Seasons.


How much food is on offer throughout the tours?
There’s a lot of eating and you are really never going to go hungry! To date, we’ve not had a single soul go hungry and have been also nicknamed by a few of our guests as Gorge Lebanon (we’re also very careful about food wastage). We do stop at several places, throughout the day, sample food, talk about it, then continue to the next place and so on. Middle Eastern hospitality is unavoidable and thankfully that’s part of the whole experience.


Do I get to pick what I want to order at each restaurant?
No, not really, as the guide will take care of it for you! We will of course share the menu so that you can see everything there is to offer, but we include only certain dishes on the tour that are unique or a speciality of the area that we wish to highlight to ensure it’s a special and memorable experience. Of course, if you have any dietary preferences, these will already be factored in and the tour menus customised to suit your appetite. Should you really want to order a dish that has not been ordered by the tour guide, please bear in mind that they should have the same preparation time as the ones ordered by the guide. As the dish (es) are not included in the price of the tour, the person ordering them will be charged for them separately at the end of the tour.


What if I am a vegetarian?
Absolutely! We only request that you inform us of any food-related allergies or dietary restrictions at the time of booking the tour using the form we provide. If for any reason, we’re unable to accommodate you based on your dietary allergies or restrictions we will communicate this with you immediately. Lebanon is a very vegetarian friendly country with many dishes suitable for vegetarians! As for physical restrictions, please bear in mind that most of our tours will involve a considerable degree of walking, and in the case of Food Treks and Rural Escapes, long car journeys. Should you have any issues concerning your knees, back, or any other medical issue, please do let us know at the time of booking, so that we can discuss your medical situation and ensure we are able to provide you a comfortable experience.


What is the duration of a food tour?
Beirut Bites food tour ranges from 6-8 hours, including walking, eating and discussing the food that you’re tasting. You’re not necessarily walking all the time, we usually walk for 10-20 minutes and then rest, stop to eat before continuing onwards. Rural Escapes tours are 1-3 days with 8+ hours of activities, sometimes they are longer if we’re all having a grand time, though the choice to retreat is always factored in for you. Food Treks are full on 5-7 days and are real immersion tours, filled with long 8+ hour days full of activities, food and driving all around the country. You’ll be given the itinerary in advance and your activity level can be depleted if you deem it necessary. No refund will be provided for reduction in time though.


How many people are on each tour?
The tours range from 4-8 people maximum to ensure the boutique and intimate experience of the journey as we visit with local producers and villagers.
Can I bring children on the tour?
We can accommodate children over the age of 10.


Can I plan a customised tour for my party or group?
Absolutely. We’ve got a huge contact list of producers, restaurants, spaces and a team that is great with coming up with ideas. Get in touch and we’ll gladly put together a unique and memorable experience for you based on your expectations.


Is photography allowed on the tour?
Yes, for the most part. However, sometimes and very rarely we’ll come into contact with individuals who are a sensitive about their picture being taken and so we always recommend to ask first. That said, you’re far more likely to find people coming up to ask you to take their picture, take a picture of their friends, or to take a picture with them.


What's your cancelation policy?
We understand that unforeseen events are an eventuality and that you may suddenly find yourself unable to participate in a tour which was previously booked and paid for. In such a case, please let us know immediately. Our refund policy is specific to the type of tour you are participating in and can be reviewed under the applicable tour menu.


Press trips:
We work closely with the Ministry of Tourism and organise press trips throughout the year. Please get in touch and tell us more about your secured commission and fill out our press form here.




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