Taste Lebanon offers the ultimate in culinary packages, designed for people who love and appreciate Lebanese food and who are looking for a truly authentic and intimate experience. Our focus at Taste Lebanon is to enrich each of our guests with unique experiences they would not otherwise gain as they travel on their own. We provide rare opportunities for our guests to meet with locals across the country, in their homes, as they learn the authentic techniques and stories behind their specialities. By using our services, you benefit from our expertise and access to wonderful and lesser known locations.

Here what others have to say

‘While news from the Middle East isn’t always shown in a positive light, I was introduced to true Lebanon & the important characteristics which make it a thriving & family-orientatied country & how food is the common bind & catalyst for celebration. Bethany is clearly passionate about Lebanon & showing the country to the world. I was shown olive oil production, Lebanese vineyards & the process of growing & harvesting za’atar to the nightlife & beating heart of the Beirut party scene. ‘ - David J Constable, Journalist UK June 2012 Journey

‘Notable highlights include dinner in Batroun & lunch at BouBouffe & LaLa’s Chicken, which were all made even more enticing by the fact that there really was a sense of not having come across them had I been visiting on my own. it was great meeting Abu Qassam & his wife (as was learning how to harvest za’atar), & it’s that personal touch, meeting small, local producers that really made the trip so special. Of course, being with great people & the odd bit of glamour on a rooftop bar certainly helps.’ - Dave Drummon, Eat Me Magazine, UK June 2012

‘Having never been to Lebanon before, it was an eye-opening experience. Bethany’s desire to show the real Lebanon, its people and its food has enabled us to discover a new land of hope and delicatesse, where spices and smells fill the warm air. ‘- Elsa Buchanan, UK June 2012 Journey

‘Looking back it hardly seems possible that we managed to fit so much in to such a small amount of time.. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to see such a wonderful country in a completely new light and it’s an experience that I will never forget.’ - William Dobson, Sugar Street Review, UK June 2012 Journey

‘Lebanon was my first visit to the Middle East & left me with so many lovely memories. Bethany Kehdy is an amazing guide & has created a wonderful tour which explores this beautiful country, its friendly & hospitable people, traditions & food. I fell in love with Lebanon instantly & have already returned since. Taste Lebanon was truly an unforgettable experience.’ - Sarka Babicka, UK May 2012 Journey

‘If you want to know how Lebanon looks, feels, tastes and smells then Taste Lebanon is for you. There is no other way one can experience Lebanon better. ‘ - Pavel Kunc, UK May 2012 Journey

‘We’ve just come back from our first ever visit to Lebanon & WOW, what a joy it was! Unsure what to expect, we could not have been more enthralled by what the country had to offer. Our time there was a very special experience & we cannot thank Bethany Kehdy enough for her inspiration in putting this amazing experience together. We so look forward to returning.’ - Joy Wright, UK May 2012 Journey

‘The Taste Lebanon tour offers an intimate & friendly atmosphere, full of interesting & informative trips. The infectious enthusiasm of the butchers, bakers & farmers to show their processes & products makes you feel so at ease & part of the uniqueness of Lebanon.’ - Jim Wright, UK May 2012 Journey

‘The secret to enjoying the Middle East is having the right guide so I introduce the best guide in the world, Bethany Kehdy.’ - Andrew Smith, USA April 2011 Journey

‘We ate in some great places, from casual sandwich shops, bakeries and ice-cream parlours to proper restaurants. And our visits to producers of traditional food items – such as zaatar, labneh, jams and flower waters – were a real highlight.’ - Kavita & Pete Favelle, UK, April 2011 Journey

‘We came, we saw, we ate – and then some. Taste Lebanon was filled with real people, intriguing places and always, always amazing food. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.’ - Aoife Cox, Ireland, April 2011 Journey

‘Taste Lebanon gave us an unparalleled insight into Lebanese cuisine, culture and hospitality.’ - Pete Favelle, UK, April 2011 Journey

‘Taste Lebanon was a real pleasure and felt like a holiday with dear friends or family, not the usual impersonal tour.’ - Kavita Favelle, UK, April 2011 Journey

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Some images on this site are a courtesy of Sarka Babicka, Tanya Traboulsi and Roderick Field